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Seasons Greetings!

The Day of Darkness

In a faraway land, whenever the moon was full, a ferocious creature called "The Beast" emerged to terrorize villagers. 

This went on for many generations, until a curious boy sought to discover the truth about this monster...

Story by Gutch Gutierrez and Zig Marasigan

Illustration by Gutch Gutierrez

copyright © 2013
ISBN: 978-971-569-759-0

32 pages, Full-color

Winner. Kids' Choice Award, 3rd National Children's Book Award 2014.

About the Authors and Artist

Juan Paolo "Gutch" Gutierrez loves to tell stories of adventure – of heroes, giants, flying ships, and enchanted kingdoms set in his imagination. As a professional voice artist, he gets to play the knight, sorcerer, or leprechaun for a living. And absolutely loves his job. Also illustrated A Passion for Science and My Father the Soldier, part of Bookmark's Philippine Modern Heroes Series.

Felipe "Zig" Marasigan spends most of his time with words, which is probably the reason why he never runs out of any. And while he does believe in the might of the written word, he does believe appreciate the occasional sword now and then.