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FUNDAMENTALS OF Personal Development:
Understanding one's self and making good decisions for success


Copyright © 2015

ISBN: 978-971-569-823-8

An ancient philosopher, Aristotle, once said that “The young are permanently in a state resembling intoxication; for youth is sweet and they are growing.” This classical and allegorical illustration can be taken as a recognition of adolescents’ state of disequilibrium, both real and apparent. Parents, educators, and counselors understand that with the right and continuous guidance, the youth are responsive to formation and capable of making good and mature decisions. While still in their formative years, this book is intended to equip middle and late adolescents with competencies essential for adult life.

The content centers on interconnected topics on personal development, using psychology as its primary tool with an anthropological approach to the discussion, and written in a style perfectly suited to adolescents. The textbook cum module adapted the basic elements of Understanding by Design (UBD) framework and the K-12 assessment components, namely, Written Work and Performance Tasks (WW & PT) to prepare students for Quarterly Assessment (QA) which the teachers will formulate at the end of each quarter. The PT of the last unit is designed to synthesize the learnings in the entire semester. The cognitive process dimensions are incorporated in the summative assessments organized into three levels: Show your knowledge and skills, Sharpen your understanding, and Produce what you understand. Through the assessment levels, students can be assessed individually or collaboratively while helping them master key concepts; acquire deep self-knowledge, self-understanding, and understanding of others; and make good decisions.

Table of Contents

Unit I : Self-Development

Knowing and Understanding One's Self

Whole Person Development

Developmental Stages in Middle and Late Adolescence

The Challenges of Middle and Late Adolescence

Unit II : Aspects of Personal Development

Understanding and Managing Stress

Mental Health and Well-being

The Powers of the Mind

Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence

Unit III : Building and Maintaining Relationships

Family Structures and Legacies

Social Relationships

Personal Relationships

Unit IV : Career Development

Persons and Careers

Career Pathways

Vision of One's Personal Development

Shows your knowledge and Skills

Sharpen your understanding