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Seasons Greetings!

Written by 

Eden P. Battad

Edited by 

Teresita T. Battad

Copyright © 2019

ISBN: 978-971-569-986-0

I am God's Child

WITNESSING GOD'S LOVE and GRACE is a wonderful worksheet especially prepared for students. Through this book, we are happy to accompany you in your journey of faith. We wish to help you deepen your Christian faith and show your devotion and love to God through other people.

The worksheet has four units and each unit has several inspiring lessons. Each lesson has different elements to make students understand better teachings of Jesus and the Church.

The lesson starts with LIFE EVENTS. This is preliminary activity about human situation and realities of life.

The BIBLICAL STORY is a linkage from the human experience with the WORD of GOD. This part of includes Biblical stories, parables and passages that will keep you alive and witness the Word of God.

The CHRISTIAN MESSAGE is the message of faith that inspires you to develop yourself according to the teachings of Jesus and live according to the Gospel values.  Furthermore, this part cites passages from Church documents that motivate you to grow spiritually.

The FAITH RESPONSE challenges you to live the message of faith and become true and responsible witness of God's love and grace.

The WORSHIP expresses your faith and trust in God the Father, in Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit. It also strengthens your devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The LEARNING TASK is composed of varied formative activities to assess your understanding and knowledge of the essential points about the lessons.

The WORDS TO LIVE BY are passages or quotations from saints and famous people of the Church.

The SUPPLEMENTARY LESSONS are intended to to enrich readers/users Christian life, through the life of saints, awareness of the practices of the Church, and our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The BASIC PRAYERS of the Catholic Church and the Orders of the Holy Mass are included in the worksheet.

Finally, we ask everyone to open your hearts and minds so that you will continue to grow in knowledge and in virtues as children of God.

You are great in the eyes of GOD! Witness God's love and grace in your everyday living.


Eden P. Battad

Edited by
Teresita Tomines-Battad

Witnessing God's Love: God's Creation – Kindergarten
Christian Living Education Series

Witnessing God’s Love is especially prepared for you. This is your work text. We are happy to accompany you in your journey of faith. Through this work text, we wish to help you deepen your Christian faith and make you experience God’s loving presence.

Your work text has four units and each unit has several lessons. Each lesson is developed into different elements to guide you as you learn more about the truths of Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus.

Copyright © 2013
ISBN: 978-971-569-746-0