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Seasons Greetings!

Eden Peñaflor Battad

Expanding Our World through Reading – Kinder

This will help student to learn about wonderful things around us. Student will learn to give the sound of the letters of the alphabet and put these sounds together to come up with words. We are confident that students will enjoy and learn to read short stories, rhymes, and poems. 

In Unit I, learners will be with the Andaya Family in their home and go with them to the farm to visit the Andaya children's grandparents.

Unit II will take you to some places in the community. Learner's will meet some friends and the things they enjoy doing together. 

Unit III brings you to other kinds of storybooks. Learners will learn to explore and love more stories.

Unit IV will continue to bring learners to other stories. Learners will also meet people who helps us in our daily needs. These stories will help learners develop love for your country.

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ISBN: 978-971-569-802-3