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Marine Reserves in the Philippines: Historical Development, Effects and Influence On Marine Conservation Policy

Angel C. Alcala

This book describes the development of the marine biology research program at the Silliman University Marine Laboratory in Dumaguete City, and its role in the establishment of marine reserves in the Philippines, the enhancing effects of marine reserves, as management tools, on marine biodiversity and coral reef fisheries, and the application of the community-based approach to marine conservation in central Philippines


Written by Marla Yotoko-Chorengel
Edited by Melissa Ylanan Moran
Illustrated by Albert E. Gamos

Marmol is the Philippine word for marble. To some, this folktale explains the origin of the islands of Romblon—source of the best Philippine marble.

To others, however, the story of Princess Marmol is much more than this. It is a wonderful story of hope that points out the good in each of us, just waiting for the right time and the right place to come out.

Long before the Philippines heard of the western story, "The Sleeping Beauty", written by Brothers Grimm, this folktale of the sleeping princess in the marble palace was already being told and retold to children in the Philippines.

ISBN 971-569-002-5
Copyright © 1990

Mindanao: A Portrait

Fr. Rene B. Javellana, S.J.

Winner, National Book Award, History, 2000

Crafted by a pool of seasoned writers and photographers, the pages are mere reflections of how the people of Mindanao have enriched Arts/Culture, making this region as one of the best and interesting spots in the Philippines. The book tells significant stories of migrants in their valuable contribution of cultivating the land's humble beginnings. Taking us to the height of exploring the many marvels dwelling within the confines of Mindanao, with all its richness and beauty, documented through beautiful selections of photographs and essays.

ISBN 971-569-317-2 (SB)

Copyright © 1999