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Fire Safety Handbook

Alejandre A. Abaygar

This is a simplified guide to Fire Safety for the home and office. It provides everyone with basic information needed to make each home or office safe from fire. It contains specific suggestions on what to do incase of fire, as well as what steps to make to minimize the incidence of fire. It also identifies some practical personal safety equipment and devices for the home/office.

Also design for quick easy reading, as basic reference and guide for EVERYONE in the family who, whether they are aware of it or not, are exposed daily to the ever-present danger of fire.

Applicable to conventional homes, apartments, sprawling townhouses, as we as high-rise residential, commercial/office condominium buildings.

ISBN 971-569-338-5

FORTRESS OF EMPIRE: Spanish Colonial Fortifications of the Philippines, 1565-1898

Rene Javellana, SJ

Book design by

Felix Mago Miguel

Photography by

Jose Ma. Lorenzo P. Tan 

Winner, National Book Award, Book Design, 1997

The book showcases a string of fortifications built by Spanish colonists throughout the Philippine archipelago beginning in 1565. Over the next 300 years these forts served as their defense in protecting themselves and their emerging settlements from perceived enemies.

ISBN: 971-569-253-2 


209 pages

Gabi and the Engkanto

Marla Yotoko-Chorenghel

The story of the first gabi plant and why its leaves never get wet.

ISBN 971-569-001-7

Copyright © 1990

Helping the Health Professional Teach

Rosario Angeles Tan-Alora

Copyright © 2007

ISBN 978-971-569-582-4

Ibong Adarna

retold by Maria Elena Paterno

This book is a collection of 37 hand drawn animation cels, the sky frames from the storyboard for the full length film animation IBONG ADARNA.

Animasia's Ibong Adarna is the first of a series of folktales from South East Asia, collected from more popular folklore from China, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and Thailand, translated from vernacular, and comtemporized into the language that children today can understand.

The folktales contain the same elements that have captivated children's hearts for centuries: the magic of Hans Christian Andersen, the romance of the Arabian Nights and lessons from Aesop's fables, and yet each story is characterized by the exotic culture and unique value system of the country from where they originated.

The purpose of the folktale series is to introduce children all over the world to the myths and values of South East Asian culture. The purpose of Animasia's Ibong Adarna is to remind Filipinos everywhere of the culture and heritage of which they can be proud.

Copyright © 1998

ISBN 978-971-569-274-5

In My Basket: The Cookbook

Lydia D. Castillo

In the tradition of Starweek Magazine’s popular food and sourcing column, comes In My Basket: The Cookbook. More than just a folio of recipes, this book contains not only recipes culled from an extensive family collection and from the files of The Private Kitchen, Lydia D. Castillo’s food order business, but also new concoctions and contributions from friends and family, as well as useful tips on a variety of subjects, including menu planning and cost-cutting for those who must maintain a tight budget, perfect for a working homemaker.

ISBN 971-569-370-9

Kayo Po Ba Ang Hari ng Kagubatan?

by Penny Reyes-Velasco

Key Conservation Sites in the Philippines

Neil Aldrin D. Mallari
Blas R. Tabbaransa, Jr.
Michael J. Crosby
The book features a directory of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) with supporting maps for easy location of each bird species. It accounts hotspots where unique species endemic to the Philippines. It presents some of the most important information to date on the state of the Philippine environment, and demonstrates that there are literally hundreds of crucial sites throughout the country where artificial forest and other habitat remains. The book bears testimony to the fact that there are still ways to save and conserve the diverse and fascinating wildlife for the Philippines and the environment.

ISBN 971-569-405-5
Copyright © 2001

Kinilaw: A Philippine Cuisine of Freshness

Edilberto Alegre
Doreen Fernandez
This is more than just another food book. The Chapters of the book encompass Kinilaw totally; its culture, its sensuality, its history, its art, its essence. This ingenious cuisine is at least a thousand years old, is done throughout the Philippines, and features fish, shellfish, crustaceans, meat, vegetables, fruits and seaweed. A delightful guide to pleasure distinctly Philippine.

ISBN 971-569-014-9
Copyright © 1991

Letter To A Young Teacher

By Joseph Landy

ISBN 971-569-115-4 (HB)
Copyright ©

Letters from Palawan

Criselda Yabes

Before the colonizers, Filipino’s wrote their own form of writing – symbols of a syllabary past on from India ages ago. By the late 18th century, what was known as the Baybayin became almost extinct. Today, ethnic tribes from Mindoro and Palawan are trying to keep this heritage alive. Letters from Pala’wan is a story of the Pala’wans reviving the past, remembering old tales, and coming to terms with a new modern world that pays little attention to people of their kind. This year, the UNESCO included the syllabary script in the “MEMORY OF THE WORLD” register – giving recognition at last to a precious part of our culture.

ISBN 971-569-328-8
Copyright © 1999

Lugar: Essays On Philippine Heritage And Architecture

Augusto F. Villalon

LUGAR: Essays on Philippine Heritage and Architecture is a collection of essays that takes an inward look at how Philippine architecture expresses the culture that created it, and journeys through history to investigate the cultural influences that have indelibly marked Filipino architecture and built environment that defines today’s Filipino lifestyle and the national psyche. The book takes a look at the spaces that have been lovingly treasured or allowed to disintegrate into memory. This series of essays celebrates the uniqueness of Filipino culture as expressed through its built environment, the vanishing record of the country’s priceless cultural and natural heritage. Book design is by artist Felix Mago Miguel with illustrations in watercolor by Ferdinand Doctolero.

ISBN 971-569-423-3 (BP)

Copyright © 2001

Lux In Domino: Remembering Bobby Gana

Randy Bustamante

As we journey towards the year of our Lord’s Jubilee, we pause to pay homage to those who have illuminated the pilgrimage in a social way. Bobby Gana is one such person, an incandescent presence in the recollections of family and many friends. This book is one small candle of remembering, taking its spark from Bobby’s own brief and brave shining.

ISBN 971-569-350-4
Copyright © 1999

Malate: A Matter Of Taste

Thelma Sioson San Juan
Contributors: Doreen Fernandez, Alfred Yuson, Rafael A.S.G. Ongpin, Michaela Fenix, Larry J. Cruz, Floy Quintos, Ambeth Ocampo and Alya Honasan

“Malate: A Matter of Taste” features essays born out of the feelings, memories and discerning tastes of people who have been touched by the Malate way of life. The book is about Malate, the place that has come to stand for a lifestyle and a lifestyle that, in turn, has become a landmark in Filipino culture. It chronicles the life that is Malate, going beyond culinary tastes into something more reflective of the Filipino lifestyle at the turn of the century. In this book are narratives tracing the growth of the Malate way of life which defies definitive description to this day, and historical accounts of how Café Adriatico, the café that gave rise to Manila’s café society, was established quite by accident rather than by design, by journalist Lorenzo “Larry” J. Cruz. The book is about the place that has become a landmark in Filipino culture.

ISBN 971-569-427-6 (BP)
Copyright © 2001

Manila, My Manila

Nick Joaquin

In early 1988, then Mayor Mel Lopez invited Nick Joaquin to write a popular history of Manila that young Manilans would enjoy. The city's poet laureate—whose entire body of work sings of Manila as Homer sang of Troy and Virgil of Rome—complied with a will. The first edition of Manila, My Manila (1990) was distributed exclusively to the city's schools. This hardcover gift edition finally brings Joaquin's celebration of his beloved city to readers throughout the world

ISBN 971-569-313-X
Copyright © 1999