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Ma. Elena P. Paterno, Corazon S. Alvina, Rene B. Javellana, and Sandra B. Castro
The book features the legendary dreamweave called T’nalak, a dazzling works of art by the T’boli weavers of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, who gracefully work the abaca, transforming dreams both past and present, into wondrous works of indigenous art. Contains photographs of a priceless collection of woven textiles. The T’boli weavers created these designs acquired from patterns made by earlier generations and from the recollection of a dream. These t’nalak clothes are donated to the National Museum as part of their permanent collection of Philippine weave.

ISBN 971-569-407-1
Copyright © 2000
229 pages

Ecotourism in the Philippines

Carlos M. Libosada, Jr.
A discussion on the development and expansion of ecotourism as it tackles its beginiines, concept, market, carying capacity, activities and its negative impacts and mitigating measures. The book provides criteria to determine an area as potential ecotourism in the country, and case studies involving Tagaytay, Banaue, and Sagada, Caluit Island, landless Millionaires, St. Paul Subterranean National Park, Palanan, Tubbataha Reef, the whales of Bohol and the whale sharks of Donsol.

Copyright © 1998
ISBN 971-569-307-5

Field Guide And Atlas of the Seaweed Resources of the Philippines

Dr. Gavino Trono, Jr.

This book provides information on the kinds, the distribution, the availability, natural products and uses of Philippine seaweed resources. A review of literature on 222 species of Philippine seaweeds was made utilizing information available at the Seaweed and Invertebrates Information Center at the U.P. Marine Science Institute. Colored photographs of collected specimens which were taken underwater to capture the natural habit of the plants, and scientific drawings which were illustrated for species whose morphological characters cannot be completely captured in colored photographs are featured in this book.

Copyright © 1997
ISBN 971-569-252-4

Field Guide to Whales and Dolphins in the Philippines

Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan
"A well-made exhaustively researched and well-documented book with a conscience. Author Lory Tan shows us the beauty of these animals and what is happening to them now. A scaled recognition chart in full color is an added treat for kids and conscientious adults. The quality of this book is as impressive as its purpose is urgent." 1995 National Book Awards for Environment.

Copyright © 1995
ISBN 971-569-155-2

Fieldguide to Common Mangroves, Seagrasses, and Algae of the Philippines

Hilconida P. Calumpong
Ernani G. Meñez
Covers 26 genera with 39 species. Includes a thorough treatment of the 7 genera and 13 species of seagrasses. The algal treatments are incomplete however, depicting for green algae 24 genera, 41 species of the 37 genera, 220 species recorded, and similarly for the brown algae 9 genera, 18 species of 24 genera, 137 species, and for the red algae 34 genera, 48 species of 128 genera, 491 species.

Copyright © 1995
ISBN 971-569-155-2

FINELINES: Strength Training for Asian Women

By Donna Reiland

The book will inspire Asians, both men and women, to consider weight training as part of their fitness program and experience the many beneficial effects of a lifestyle which includes a well-rounded regimen of weight training, aerobics and healthy eating habits. The book's chapters include proper techniques, activities and detailed information on exercises, nutrition and programs which are applicable during training sessions, giving the readers a better understanding of what fitness is all about.

Copyright © 1997
ISBN 9715-69-272-9 (HB)
ISBN 9715-69-250-8 (SB)