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Eduardo Cu Unjieng, Scott Tuason

Anilao has become a favorite weekend destination for Manila’s diving community. The incredible variety of exotic creatures such as ghost pipefishes, snake eels, flying gurnards, and bobbit worms need to be witnessed first hand. All imaginable variations of crinoids, soft and hard coral, and sea fans surrounded by clouds of reef fishes provide an explosion of color and vitality that is breathtaking. What is truly remarkable is this celebration of life continues despite serious threats to Anilao’s marine environment.

Beneath the Philippine Seas

by Robert Yin

The book shows-off the author's 150 best shots in its 136 pages showcasing the beatiful Philippine rich undersea life.

ISBN 971-569-244-3 (SB)
Copyright 1997

CEBU: A Place For All Seasons

Joyce Garcia-Dizon

With a fresh contemporary layout and beautiful photos by Cebuano photographers Carlito So and Hockson Go, as well as Lory Tan, this book is more than a chronicle. It is a celebration of the charm of Cebu as it metamorphoses into the 21st century. The book will tell you about Cebu's history, and introduce you to just about everything that makes Cebu tick.

ISBN 971-569-346-6

Copyright 1999

Cinco de Noviembre

A historical tale based on the events of November 5, 1898, in the towns of Negros Occidental.

With this in mind, Jesus art historian RENE B. JAVELLANA, S.J. creates Toto and weaves a story using the events surrounding the bloodless take-over of Bacolod by Negrense revolucionarios. Toto sees the revolution from his child perspective. He does not understand everything. In a sence we are all like Toto because we cannot fully comprehend the ramificatoin of our historical decisions.

This tale of the Negrense's skill use of subterfuge and deception to gain a military advantage for an ill-equipped ragtag army is marvelously brought to life by the dreamy oil paintings of Felix Mago Miguel and the expressive mixed-media works of Jason J. Moss.

Copyright © 2000
ISBN 971-569-3165-2

Coastal Resource Management for Food Security

A report on the role of fisheries in achieving food security. Takes a look at the Philippine Fisheries Decline—the contributing causes and factors to the decline in fisheries-derived food. Discusses issues associated with fisheries and aquaculture. Provide data on the coastal resource management for food security and poverty improvement in coastal areas including three critical results needed for sustainable resource use

ISBN 971-919-253-4

Copyright © 1999

The Resource Management Project,
Department of Agriculture,
The Fisheries Resource Management Project

El Filibusterismo by Jose Rizal

The book is the second novel of Dr. Jose Rizal as a sequel to the Noli Me Tangere; it was begun after the author returned to Europe in 1888, published in Ghent in 1891, then shipped to Hong Kong, where many copies were confiscated by authorities who by then realized the impact of Rizal's writing in his people. El Filibusterismo takes us to where Noli Me Tangere left off, the continuing struggle of Simoun, the transformed Ibarra. To this new translation, Soledad Lacson-Locsin has restored the original dedication "Al Pueblo Filipino y su Gobierno" which was not in the printed edition, in order to heighten the change from the softer emotions of the "Noli" to the anger and passion of the "Fili."

Copyright © 1996
ISBN 971-569-236-2