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Seasons Greetings!

Written and Illustrated by 

Dabiz Molinero

Junko Matsuoka

Tingnan Ninyo Itong Nakita Ko!/Look What I Found!

A team of ambitious ants find an enormous candy and try to bring it back home. Their journey is filled with obstacles and hurdles but as ants are won't to do they never give up. With some ingenuity and creative thinking everything works out well in the end!

Books in dual language: English and Filipino

ISBN:   971-569-823-8

Copyright © 2015

Size:    (A4) 8.2677" x 11.6929"

David Molinero

“Dabiz” was born in Basque Country, Spain.  Artist, teacher and illustrator. He likes singing and playing flamenco guitar. Speak Spanish, English, Japanese, Euskera, and Italian.  He did PhD research on  Art & Technology in Japan, and in 2011 received his doctorate degree. Soon after, he escaped from technology, throwing away his machines and returning to the pencils and watercolors.

Junko Matsuoka

Junko was born in Hiroshima, Japan. She likes writing her stories and reading them to children. She also enjoys playing piano and flute. She lived in USA, Wales, Spain, and Japan, and speaks Japanese, English and Spanish.