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Rico R. Ruallo
Louie M. Lozada
Christine Anne M. Prepuse
Andrea E. Lopez

(Simple and Holistic Approach to Refine Proficiency in Math) K to 12 Version

The topics and competencies in this book are aligned with the Curriculum Guide in Mathematics of the K to 12 Basic Education Program of the Department of Education which aims to: 

  • Understand the key concepts and principles of numbers and number sense (sets and real number system); measurement (conversion of units of measurement); patterns and algebra (algebraic expressions and properties of real numbers as applied in linear equations and inequalities in one variable); geometry (sides and angles of polygons); and statistics and probability (data collection and presentation, and measures of central tendency and variability) and;
  • Apply appropriate technology in critical thinking, problem solving reasoning, communicating, making connections, representations and decisions in real life.

The lessons in this book are provided sequentially from easy to difficult and from visual to mental. Illustrative examples are provided for easier grasp of skills being developed and the activities are carefully prepared to achieve mastery. These activities are anchored on the four levels of assessment under the K to 12 Basic Education Program: knowledge, process or skills, understanding, and product or performance.

It is the sincere desire of the authors to provide a useful and meaningful tool in mathematics. It is hoped that through this book, mathematical skills will be mastered, used, and enjoyed by the Filipino learners.

Copyright © 2014


by Sr. Iluminada C. Coronel, F.M.M., et. al.

In this book, a summary of postulates and theorems, together with the pages where each can be found, is given at the end for easy reference.

copyright © 2002

ISBN 971-569-441-1
333 pages, size: 7 x 10

Mathematics: An Integrated Approach2nd Edition

by Sr. Iluminada C. Coronel, F.M.M., et. al.

Size: 7 x 10
ISBN: First Year – 971-569-182-X
Second Year – 971-569-302-4
Third Year – 971-569-352-0
Fourth Year – 971-569-409-8

copyright © 2001

Advance Algebra with Trigonometry and Statistics

by Sr. Iluminada C. Coronel, F.M.M., et. al.

416 pages, size: 7 x 10
ISBN 971-569-482-9
copyright © 2004

Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry

Zenon R. Abao

Thelma Montero-Galliguez

Christopher C. Dacanay

Aurora E. Vila

Leonardo C. Medina, Jr.

The primary objective of Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry is to present trigonometry in the context of functions of angles and real numbers. Some material on lines and conics are included to study graphs of linear and quadratic equations in two variables.

This book is intended for a one-semester pre-calculus course. I It begins with review material on the rectangular coordinate system, and quickly progresses through a chapter on functions and relations and the main chapters on the trigonometric functions. Sample problems are introduced in the text to reinforce the introduced concepts.

Exercise problems are included at the end of each chapter to facilitate self-assessment by the students. E Each exercise set is designed to be completed in class, individually or by several students working cooperatively as a group, or as homework assignments. I It is suggested that the students will devote ample time to work on the appropriate exercise set as soon as a section is taken up, and to augment the problem set by consulting other books.