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CHRISTIAN LIVING EDUCATION SERIES: Witnessing God's Love, Grade 1 to Grade 6

Witnessing God’s Love is especially prepared for you. This is your work text. We are happy to accompany you in your journey of faith. Through this work text, we wish to help you deepen your Christian faith and make you experience God’s loving presence.

Your work text has four units and each unit has several lessons. Each lesson is developed into different elements to guide you as you learn more about the truths of Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus.

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Grade 1 – 978-971-569-750-7

Grade 2 – 978-971-569-751-4

Grade 3 – 978-971-569-752-1

Grade 4 – 978-971-569-753-8

Grade 5 – 978-971-569-754-5

Grade 6 – 978-971-569-755-2