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BAMBOO WHISPERS, Poetry of the Mangyan

By Hanunuo Mangyan


Anton Postma (†), Sylvia Mayuga, Marne Kilates, Quintin Pastrana, Resti Reyes Pitogo, Danton Remoto, Soledad Laviña


Lolita Delgado-Fansler, Quintin Pastrana, Raena Abella, Emily Catapang

2018 Winner Gintong Aklat Awards, Arts and Humanities

2018 Finalist, National Book Award, Translations

Cave Dweller: A Story about Ging Nuñeza

Written by Didith T. Rodrigo
Illustrated by Gabi Mara

12th Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards. Best Book in Children Category, 2018

Hugging the Trees

Written by Russell Molina

Illustrated by Liza Flores

Winner: 2016 Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards – Youth and Children Category

Made Perfect in Weakness

Written by Didith T. Rodrigo

Illustrated by Patricia Lascano

Winner, Kid's Choice Award (NBDB and PBBY)

4th National Children's Book Award 2016

The Day of Darkness

Juan Paolo "Gutch" Gutierrez

Felipe "Zig" Marasigan

Illustrated by Gutch Gutierrez

Winner, Kids' Choice Award (NBDB and PBBY) National Children's Book Award, 2014

In a faraway land, whenever the moon was full, a ferocious creature called "The Beast" emerged to terrorize villagers. 

This went on for many generations, until a curious boy sought to discover the truth about this monster...

ISBN 978-971-569-759-0

Size: 10 x 8 inches, full color

C2S paper, Soft bound

Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub

Russell Molina

Illustrated by Jomike Tejido

Winner, 1st National Children's Book Award (NBDB and PBBY)

Top 10 Best Reads, 2010

The book is one of the titles in the Great Men and Women of Asia—Children's Series, a partnership project of The Bookmark, Inc. and the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation, to bring stories of real-life heroism to children all over the world, so that they may grow in their love of country, compassion for their fellowmen, and perserverance to achieve worthwhile goals anchored on strong personal values.

ISBN: 978-971-569-658-6

16 pages; softbound

PASSAGE: Poems 1983-2006

Edgar B. Maranan

Winner, National Book Award, Poetry, 2008

A collection of poems primarily on people, places, things, as observed and absorbed by the poet ...

ISBN: 978-971-569-586-2

212 pages

Bone Tumors in Filipinos

Edward H.M. Wang, MD MSc

Ariel Virgil de Dios, MD

Winner, 27th National Book Award, Best Medicine Book, 2007

Bone Tumors in Filipinos is a pioneering and exceptional work, the culmination of a decade-long meticulous collection and documentation of Filipino data. A well-organized and user-friendly book, its repository of facts and figures encompasses the epidemiology, clinical and radiologic presentation, and pathologic description of all bone tumors seen at a tertiary university teaching hospital. It will serve as a vital reference for any student, resident-trainee, or physician interested in the diagnosis of these difficult yet most interesting of conditions.

ISBN: 978-971-569-573-2
132 pages

Sulu Sulawesi Seas

Jurgen Freund

Photography by Jurgen Freund 

Essays by Romeo Trono, Raoul Cola, Lida Pet-Soade, Wendy Ames, Patricia Regis, and Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Trade Book, 2002

This book is a celebration of the beauty and biodiversity of the marine ecoregion Sulu–Sulawesi. It is a breathtaking chronicle in images and words of the different habitats and cultures that exist here today, the formidable threats to the area’s continuing existence, and the responsibility which man must acknowledge to preserve this important ecoregion.

ISBN: 971-569-426-8 (hb)
971-569-337-7 (hb)
235 pages


Edited by Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Fernando Zialcita

Winner, National Book Award, Social Science, 2002

The book documents the variety of beliefs and practices of Lent, the most varied, vibrant, and visible liturgical season in the Philippines. It explains the customary features of Philippine Lent, by showing how the Filipino has shaped Christianity, how the average Filipino has reinterpreted Christian belief within the context of Philippine social, political, and economic structures, as well as the physical environment. This book provides an excellent opportunity to study the Filipino’s interpretation of Christianity.

ISBN: 971-569-385-7
250 pages

A Haribon Foundation and Birdlife International Directory of Important Bird Areas

Neil Aldrin Mallari, Blas Tabaranza Jr, Michael Crosby

Winner, National Book Award, Environment, 2001

This book bears testimony to the fact that it is not too late for the diverse and fascinating wildlife of the Philippines—nor for its environment. This book presents some of the most important information to date on the state of the environment in the Philippines. The natural biological diversity of the Philippines remains intact at certain sites throughout much of the nation, and realistic and attainable management programs can ensure its permanent survival.

ISBN: 971-569-405-5
485 pages

A Dictionary of Philippine Plant Names 
(Volumes I and II)

Domingo Madulid

Winner, National Book Award, Dictionary 2001

This is the most comprehensive dictionary on Philippine plant names, with more than 43,300 vernacular names representing more than 97 languages and dialects in the country. It covers various groups of plants from algae, mosses, fungi, ferns and fern-allies, and flowering plants. It is intended as a general reference and guide for easy identification or naming of Philippine plant life, which is one of the most diverse and richest in the world.difficult yet most interesting of conditions.


971-569-262-1 (Vol. 1)

971-569-264-8 (Vol. 2)

Andrea Ofilada Veneracion and the Philippine Madrigal Singers

Marjorie Evasco

Winner, National Book Award, Biography/Autobiography, 2001

A Life Shaped by Music is a story of National Artist for Music Andrea O. Veneracion and her lifework as founder and choirmaster of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. Poet Marjorie Evasco weaves the multi-colored strands of more than 37 years of the story, clarifying for those who admire Prof. Veneracion and the Philippine Madrigal Singers the intrinsic spirit, the magical rapport, the discipline, and the passion that animate every performance of the choir.


971-569-413-6 (hard cover)

971-569-412-8 (soft cover)

343 pages


Alan White, Ph.D.

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Natural Science, 2001

The book is a compilation of the observations of the obvious life forms found in coral reefs around the Philipines. This guide acquaints readers with new organisms and presents a glimpse of the fascinating underwater world. This new edition, updated and improved, gives added emphasis on the status of resources and the need to conserve Philippine coral reefs.

ISBN: 971-569-395-4

276 pages

LUGAR: Essays on Philippine Heritage and Architecture

Augusto Villalon

Edited by Jonathan Best

Illustrated by Ferdinand Doctolero

Winner, National Book Award, Art, 2001

This book of essays celebrates the uniqueness of Filipino culture as expressed through its built environment, the vanishing record of the country's priceless cultural and natural heritage.

ISBN: 971-569-422 


474 pages

A SEA OF STORIES: Tales from Sulu

Carla M. Pacis

Winner, National Book Award, Children's Book, 2000

This children’s book features five charming and sentimental stories that speak of the people and the fascinating animals living in the islands of Sulu. The book is an effort to document and preserve some of the indigenous literary genres like legends, myths, and folktales, and create short stories for both the young and old from these raw, orally transmitted tales.

ISBN: 971-569-376-8 (hb)

971-569-375-X (sb)

44 pages

The Jinx, the Dolphin, and the Deep Sea Mystery

by Ed Maranan

Illustrated by Girlie Aragon

Winner, National Book Award, Children’s Literature, 2000

Second Prize Winner, Short Story for Children category
Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature 1991

The Jinx is a shortened adaptation by the author of his original children’s story in Filipino—Si Sabel, Si Sabiong Lumba-Lumba, at ang Hiwaga sa Laot—which won the Grand Prize in the 1990 PBBY-Alfrredo Salanga Writer’s Prize in children’s literature. It tells the story of how a young girl named Sabel and her dolphin friend, Sabio, fought to save the people of Taliwas from a dangerous sea monster that had brought suffering and starvation to a remote fishing village.

ISBN: 971-569-379-2 
32 pages

American Era Photographs 1900-1930

Jonathan Best

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Trade Book, 2000

In his second book of vintage photographs, Jonathan Best has retrieved a beautiful collection of Philippine images from the dusty albums and old picture cards sent to America decades long ago. This “album” of timeless images is a visual feast and a poignant reminder of much which remains of the rich heritage and unique character of the Filipino people.

ISBN: 971-569-300-8

272 pages

MINDANAO: A Portrait

Edited by Rene B. Javellana, SJ

Winner, National Book Award, History, 2000

The book paints a quick but accurate sketch of Mindanao today, the traditional home of 19 ethnolinguistic groups and the adopted home of millions of settlers who have embraced this land as their true home.

ISBN: 971-569-316-4 (hb) 

971-569-344-2 (sb)

244 pages

Luzon's Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park

Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan

Winner, National Book Award, Environment, 2000

The book tells the story of the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park located along a vast range of mountains down the northeastern side of Luzon. The Park is recognized as one of the global key sites for conservation of biodiversity. The natural park is home to 70 threatened species including mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and shellfish, and serves as home to more than a thousand indigenous people, the Dumagats. The book details the wonders of the park, its rich natural resources, and wildlife.

ISBN: 971-569-356-3

153 pages

IN MY BASKET: The Cookbook

Lydia Castillo

Winner, National Book Award, Cookbooks and Food, 2000

This book gathers not only recipes of Lydia Castillo’s extensive collection and from the files of her food-order business, The Private Kitchen, but also useful tips on menu planning and sticking to a tight budget.

ISBN: 971-569-370-9

115 pages

The World of 1896

Edited by Lorna Kalaw-Tirol

Winner, National Book Award, History, 1998

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Social Science, 2000

A portrait of the world at the time of the Philippine revolution giving us a glimpse of life a hundred years ago. A book of 402 photographs, five main essays, and 20 short ones bring back into focus the details of the world of 1896. Rare vintage photographs more than just add grace to the book, being eloquent testimonies of a pivotal era in the history of the Philippines. It gives us a clue why the revolution happened, when it did and not many years before.

ISBN: 971-569-303-2 (hb)

271 pages


Eduardo Cu Unjieng

Scott Tuason

Winner, National Book Award, Photography, 1999

Anilao has become a favorite weekend destination for Manila’s diving community. The incredible variety of exotic creatures such as ghost pipefishes, snake eels, flying gurnards, and bobbit worms need to be witnessed first hand. All imaginable variations of crinoids, soft and hard coral, and sea fans surrounded by clouds of reef fishes provide an explosion of color and vitality that is breathtaking. What is truly remarkable is this celebration of life continues despite serious threats to Anilao’s marine environment.

ISBN: 971-569-353-1 (hb)

971-569-344-X (sb)

181 pages

Chinese and Vietnamese Blue and White Wares 
Found in the Philippines

Larry Gotuaco, Rita Tan, Allison Diem

Winner, Gintong Aklat Award, Art and Architecture, 1998

This book is an attempt to present a more complete picture of the variety and quality of Chinese and Vietnamese blue and white wares traded in the Philippines. The Chinese ceramics featured here were made in the last 40 years of the Yuan Dynasty, and in the succeeding 275 years of the Ming Dynasty. The Vietnamese wares were contemporaneous, from the late 14th–16th centuries.

ISBN: 971-569-245-1 


259 pages

Form and Splendor

Roberto Maramba

Photography by Masato Yokohama

Winner, National Book Award, Art, 1998

Form and Splendor, a large-format coffee-table book with 260 full-color pages on heavy, glossy stock, tells readers about the aura of ornaments that are distinctly Asian in their simplicity, directness of design, integrity of materials and talismanic, fetishistic power. Seven years in the making, this should be the definitive book on Cordillera ornament to date.

ISBN: 971-56-9298-2 


267 pages

Fruits in the Philippines

By Doreen Fernandez

The book identifies, in layman's definition, the fruits generally identified as bungang kahoy, bunga or prutas generally edible without cooking, often used as dessert or squeezed into juice or cooked into sweets. Each fruit is described through its taste, the way it is eaten, and how it figures in the culture (in folklore, in belief; its medicinal uses, if any). The book also presents full color pictures and drawings of the fruits in order to introduce them to the young, to foreigners, and to those who had not experienced them.

ISBN: 971-569-259-1 (hb) 

971-569-261-2 (sb) 

190 pages

FORTRESS OF THE EMPIRE: Spanish Colonial Fortifications of the Philippines, 1565-1898

Rene Javellana, S.J.

Book design by Felix Mago Miguel

Photography by 

Jose Ma. Lorenzo P. Tan

Winner, National Book Award, Book Design, 1997

The book showcases a string of fortifications built by Spanish colonists throughout the Philippine archipelago beginning in 1565. Over the next 300 years these forts served as their defense in protecting themselves and their emerging settlements from perceived enemies.

ISBN: 971-569-253-2 


209 pages

Beneath Philippine Seas

Robert Yin

Winner, National Book Award for Art, 1997

The book shows off the author’s 150 best shots of the Philippines’ beautiful and rich undersea life.


971-569-243-5 (HB)

971-569-244-3 (SB)

135 pages

THE SECRET IS IN THE SAUCE: Cookbook for Noncooks

Maria Ana Gonzalez de Leon-Hudson

Book design by Dindo Lana

Winner, National Book Award, Cookbooks and Food, 1997

Winner, National Book Award, Book Design, 1997

The book is a compilation of over 230 recipes and includes useful information on basic kitchen equipment and basic ingredients. It also features tips on how to cook rice and noodles and the art of creating the perfect pie crust.

SBN: 971-569-233-8

457 pages

Field Guide to the Common Mangroves, Seagrasses, and Algae of the Philippines

Hilconida Calumpong, Ernani Meñez

Winner, National Book Award, Science, 1997

This book was prepared to provide a reference to identify the common and interesting marine vegetation that can be encountered during a visit to a seashore, coral reef, or a mangrove area. It is also hoped that this book will increase awareness on the real value of mangroves, seagrasses, and seaweeds as a natural resource, a unique habitat, and a nursery for juvenile fish and invertebrates.

ISBN: 971-569-197-8

197 pages

LA SOLIDARIDAD: Quincenario, democration

Translated by Guadalupe Fores Ganzon, Luis Antonio Mañeru

Winner, National Book Award, Translation, 1997

The seven-volume collection is a comprehensive bilingual edition that pays tribute to Marcelo H. del Pilar’s key role in creating the Filipino newspaper La Solidaridad, a fortnightly publication of the Propaganda Movement spearheaded by del Pilar, Lopez-Jaena, Rizal, Luna, Ponce, and Panganiban. The only complete facsimile edition of the Spanish original text, covering the period February 15, 1889 to November, 1896.

ISBN: 971-916-556-1


Gilda Cordero-Fernando

Winner, Ceres Alabado Award, 1997

A different kind of story book for children which deals with the strange fascinating character of Ningning in this visually enriched literary piece by the classic Gilda Cordero-Fernando.

ISBN: 971-914-678-8

22 pages

EL FILIBUSTERISMO: Subversion ni Jose Rizal

Translated by Ma. Soledad Lacson-Locsin

Winner, National Book Award, Translation, 1996

El Filibusterismo takes us to where Noli Me Tangere left off, the continuing struggle of Simoun, the transformed Ibarra. In this new translation, Soledad Lacson-Locsin has restored the original dedication “Al Pueblo Filipino y su Gobierno,” which was not in the printed edition, in order to heighten the change from the softer emotions of the Noli to the anger and passion of the Fili.

ISBN: 971-569-236-2 


342 pages

Noli Me Tangere ni Jose Rizal

Translated by Ma. Soledad Lacson-Locsin 

Winner, National Book Award, Best Translation, 1996

The Noli Me Tangere by Jose P. Rizal, national hero of the Philippines, is the novel with the greatest impact on Filipino political thinking in the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the widest influence on contemporary fiction, drama, opera, dance, and film. In this new translation, Soledad Lacson-Locsin, a bilingual writer, has restored the unpublished chapter about Elias and Salome, as well as the whole of the "Canto de Maria Clara," wishing this translation to be faithful rendition of the original.

ISBN: 971-569-187-0 (hb) 

971-569-188-9 (sb)

452 pages

A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Philipine Ornamental Plants
Second Edition

Dr. Domingo Madulid

Winner, National Book Award, Science, 1995

People from various walks of life have long wanted an easy-to-read, comprehensive reference that will lead them to the identification and description of the numerous beautiful ornamental plants of the Philippines and to other pertinent information. This book provides an answer to this long-felt need and presents in a systematic and pictorial form more than 1,000 species and varieties of native and introduced ornamental plants in the country.

Revised Edition, 2000 with 388 pages and ISBN 971-569-366-0 

ISBN: 971-569-108-0

400 pages

A Field Guide to Whales and Dolphins in the Philippines

Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan

Winner, National Book Award, Environment, 1995

“A well-made, exhaustively researched, and well-documented book with a conscience. Author Lory Tan shows us the beauty of these animals and what is happening to them now. A scaled recognition chart in full color is an added treat for kids and conscientious adults. The quality of this book is as impressive as its purpose is urgent.”—Sunday Inquirer

ISBN: 971-569-155-2

125 pages

Treasures of the Philippine National Museum

Maria Elena Paterno

Photography by Neal M. Oshima with Claudine D. Sia.

Winner, National Book Award, Art, 1995

This book was borne out of an idea to consider the National Museum treasures in a slightly different light—to look at textures, patinas, echoes of past lives; and to discover implications of who we are and the way we live our present lives. The book showcases 58 of the finest examples of Philippine art and craft.

ISBN: 971-569-178-1 (hb)

971-569-179-X (sb)

146 pages

Philippine Picture Postcards, 1900-1920

Jonathan Best

Book design Beth Parocha

Winner, National Book Award, Book Design, 1994

This book goes beyond being a simple history of early postcards and gives the reader a fascinating portrait of the Philippines during the first two decades of this country. It offers us a visual memory of a time which still retained much of the charm of the 19th century but was rapidly being transformed by political change and the advent of the modern era.

ISBN: 971-569-140-4 (hb) 

971-569-136-3 (sb)

119 pages

The Coconut Cookery of Bicol

Honesto General

Winner, National Book Award, Cookbooks and Food, 1994

This fun book, disguised as a cookbook, is a brief autobiography with a rather extended digression on food. Incidentally, the recipes in these pages are authentic and truly edible and—in fact—epicurean.

ISBN: 971-569-150-1

124 pages