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New age is an attitude which recognizes the role of the past and draws from it to impinge on the present.

Ihip is the third album in Bookmark's Filipino Music Trilogy, featuring classics in a NEW AGE format.

In this album, we feature the musical gift of TOTS TOLENTINO, a widely sought-after saxophonist and musical arranger who received his formal training in the Berkely School of Music.

Electronic Music was used here to capture the sometimes-haunting, sometimes-playful spirit of the Kundimans. With his Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI), Tots introduces to us various wind and brass sounds, giving this album its unique qualities. IHIP is both a tribute to the past and a classic for the future.

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These electronically-reproduced sounds provide the musician with more flexibility than ever. This electronic realm is the home of NEW AGE music, Bookmark has chosen this new medium to showcase the 12 Filipino classics contained in this album.

Performed by a Cecil Awardee and a well-known composer, Gerry Paraiso. His sensitive touch, his respect for the a composer's melodic lines, and his mastery of the electronic medium made him Bookmark's only choice for this album.

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KWERDAS features the much-sought-after composer and guitarist, Rudy Lozano.

This album introduced to various string sounds which Rudy Lozano and his MIDI "synthesized" to achieve this wonderfully-slick collection.

One of the most technically-demanding and technologically-intricate albums produced in contemporary Filipino music circles; kwerdas is truly unique. An absolute first.

PELIKULA at Pundaquit

Excellence is not a matter of chance. It is pursued—building relentlessly on what nature has endowed, enduring physical hardship, sometimes even foregoing social relationships. This is a matter of choice. Even if a material is good, there is no guarantee of success. But once in a rare while when the chemistry is right, artists, who love their work and are blessed with the talent to spot the unseen nuances and bring new flavors to light, come together and capture the magic. Excellently. This happened with PELIKULA; and the realization became apparent while recording Coke and Chino Bolipata. Their classical artistry, their dedication and the sheer enjoyment they derive in pursuing excellence and honing their craft made it all worthwhile.

This album is dedicated to all aspiring musicians inspired by Coke and Chino Bolipata’s technically superb and delightfully soulful renditions of popular movie songs. It is also dedicated to those who love music but may not yet feel comfortable with and fully comprehend the classical style.


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