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A Sea of Stories: Tales from Sulu Book Launch

This children’s book features five charming and sentimental stories (The Jin and the Turtle, Dragon Boat, Mapun, Grandmother's Gift and Manta Ray Journey) that speak of the people and the fascinating animals living in the islands of Sulu. The book is an effort to document and preserve some of the indigenous literary genres like legends, myths, and folktales, and create short stories for both the young and old from these raw, orally transmitted tales.

THE COLLECTION of A Sea of Stories written by Carla Pacis, published by The Bookmark, Inc. was launched last February 8, 2012, Wednesday, 5:00-8:00 pm at The Last Chukker, Manila Polo Club, McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City. 

Dragon Boat

by Carla M. Pacis

Illustrated by 

Edrick Raymund T. Daniel

Grandmother's Gift

by Carla M. Pacis

Illustrated by 

Seth Clarece Estacio

Manta Ray Journey

by Carla Pacis

Illustrated by 

Lloyd Niguidula


by Carla Pacis

Illustrated by

Jose T. Gamboa

Miguel Consunji

The Jin and the Turtle

by Carla Pacis

Illustrated by

Jeanne P. Tan