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PALAYOK: Philippine food through time, on site, in the pot


By Doreen G. Fernandez

Pictorial Research by Jonathan Best

The palayok , the round-bottomed, wide-mouthed native cooking pot that survives as witness to the beginning of life in the Philippines. This book by Doreen Fernandez focuses on Filipino food from its sources and beginnings through colonization and other foreign influences, to its current state and tastes. It includes short essays that elaborate on specific aspects of Filipino food.

The illustrations, chosen by Jonathan Best, are composed of old prints, postcards, art, sketches, and advertisements. The searching and choosing motivated Jonathan to write the accompanying easy called "A Visual Feast," on easy illustrations of Filipino food.

Format: Hardcover, 12" x 9.8", 123 pages, Color: Black & White

Copyright © 2000

ISBN: 971-569-377-6

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