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A Time to Grow


Written by Didith T. Rodrigo

Illustrated by Abigail Montana

Margarita Dela Cruz Santiago was born on September 22, 1911 in Calumpit, Bulacan to a family with seven children.

onato and Margarita instilled in their children a sense of entrepreneurship and a strong work ethic. Even while they were still in elementary, the children had to find ways to earn their own pocket money for school. They learned to fish, to harvest baby crabs, to pick fruit from trees and sell these so that they would have an allowance. Her children eventually opened businesses of their own. Many of these businesses were related to ornamental plants, gardens, landscaping, and related services and supplies.

Margarita herself worked hard, without complaint, and sometimes to the detriment of her health. Her daughter, Filomena, recalled that Margarita suffered a miscarriage while buying plants along the river. As Margarita stepped out of the banca, Filomena noticed a red stain on her mother’s skirt. Margarita returned, home and called for a midwife (hilot). By the evening, the bleeding had stopped, but the baby was gone. The next day, Margarita returned to work....

copyright © 2013

ISBN: 978-971-569-770-5

size: 8' x 10", 16 pages, Full color

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