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Company Name
Bookmark or The Bookmark, Inc.
Start its operation on November 12, 1945 as A. del Rosario Book Company, Inc.
File for SEC registration on November 19, 1945, and lawfully registered on December 17, 1945. 

Changed its name as The Bookmark, Inc. on March 16, 1948.
Atty. Bienvenido A. Tan, Jr.
General Manager
Dr. Anna Maria Tan-Delfin
Head Office
264 Pablo Ocampo Sr. Avenue San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati City, Philppines
Number of Employees
More than 40 employees including sales distributors all over Philippines
Main Business
Bookmark or The Bookmark, Inc. is a Filipino corporation established in November 1945. It actively publishes textbooks and variety of trade books dealing with Philippine topics and themes. Bookmark is also engaged in textbook distribution to different schools nationwide. Retail selling is done through its The The Filipino Bookstore located at the ground floor of its head office and with distribution outlets in every region of the Philippines.

As book publisher, Bookmark seeks to develop books that contribute to the Philippine development through the documentation and dissemination of knowledge and information, the propagation of positive values and ethical practices, the development of wholesome attitudes, and the popularization of Philippine culture.

The Bookmark, Inc., also involves itself in the promotion of education and literacy of all, as well as in the protection of the environment conservation of wildlife. This is done, by the active participation and support of both management and staff with the leadership of its president and General Manager, Dr. Anna Maria Tan-Delfin through education programs.

  • To continue develop materials that empower people's minds and spirits.
  • To promote education literacy
  • To be known as a top distributor of quality books in the country.
To be a significant contributor to society's social development, the dissemination of knowledge and information, the propagation of positive values, the development of wholesome attitudes, and the documentation and popularization of Filipino culture.
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