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A Curse for an Emperor Launching

Bookmark's new title, A Curse for an Emperor was launched last November 29, 2017 at The Last Chukker, Manila Polo Club, McKinley Road, Barangay Forbes Park, Makati City.

The book is about Nada, a prince daughter of the Kingdom of Viole and the young Emperor Azur of Anila. When a vain prince of Voile (Nada's father) lands his family into trouble with the deities, it is up to his sensible eldest daughter, Nada to soften the blow of the curse for her younger sisters. Nada doesn’t mind too much—until it turns out that the curse ensures that whoever marries her expires shortly after the wedding. With a growing trail of dead husbands behind her, she accepts the chance to break the curse from a deity who probably shouldn’t be trusted and finds herself sent to faraway land to marry its wicked Emperor. Nada has every intention of breaking the curse once and for all, but thanks to some ill-timed magic, and the Emperor’s own irritating attitude, she may have just secured him as her eighth dead husband.

Book written by Karine Alexana Montinola. Cover and chapter illustrations designed by Nina Martinez.

Present in the event and share a few words during the launched are Randy Bustamante who introduced the manuscript to Bookmark for possible publication and Javier Delfin partly edit the raw manuscript and gave his constructive criticism to the author.

A merienda, booksigning, and picture-taking followed.