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A Beginners Book to Activities of Daily Living

On Reading

It is never too early to introduce reading to children. This activity helps in cognitive development and better language comprehension. Children who start reading at an early age have better language comprehension, larger and more expressive vocabularies, and higher cognitive scores. The role of the parents in exposing their children to read is vital. Picture books encourage parental reading. At the same time, a very effective way to introduce children to reading is to read to them aloud. It sparks their interest in reading.

The Book

A Beginner’s Book to Activities of Daily Living is an introductory reference to the most common daily functions and self-care activities a person does in everyday living. This will serve as a checklist to encourage the child to accomplish the different ADLs. A checkbox is provided at the bottom of every page for the child to fill out upon completion of each activity. It is the role of the parent to read along with the child and facilitate the activity.

Target Audience

The target audience is the parents with pre-school children age three to five. Three to five is the pre-operational stage of development for children, and is a crucial point of brain development and skill acquisition. It is an ideal time to introduce them to the ADLs that will foster responsibility and independence. In turn, this book will aid in preparing them for independent living later on in life. They are in charge of the children’s upbringing and instilling the fundamentals of life. Consequently, they are the ones to read and facilitate the book.

Text and Illustrations by
Martin N. Dimalanta