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Diwa the Dugong

Story and Illustrations by Rachel L. Shaw

Filipino translations by Reynante V. Ramilo and C3 Philippines

“What is Diwa to do with no seagrass to chew?”

Diwa is a dugong. She lives in the shallow seas of the Philippine islands, feasting on seagrass: the only food that dugongs eat. When trees are felled on a nearby hillside, soil washes into the sea and kills the seagrass. Diwa must swim away from the place she knows and find somewhere new to live.

On her journey she encounters many perils but also receives help from strangers who tell of a place with bountiful seagrass.

This heart-warming story about not giving up hope also raises awareness of endearing but endangered dugongs. Royalties from the sale of this book will support the work of C3 saving dugongs in Busuanga.

Copyright © 2017

Size: 8 x 10 inches |  Full color | 32 pages

Ang mga Anak ng Bayan sa Katipunan

Kuwento ni Genaro R. Gojo Cruz

Guhit ni Jericho T. Moral

May tatlong batang magkakaibigan, sina Sinto, Pio, at Bon. Dati silang nakatira sa Balintawak kasama ng lalaking may hawak na itak.
Si Sinto ay matapang.

Si Pio ay napakataas mangarap.

At si Bon naman ay napakalinis na parang hindi isang batang-lansangan.

Ngunit sa kabila ng kanilang mga pagkakaibang ito, marami silang napagkakasunduan.
Samahan ang tatlong bata sa kanilang makulay na pakikipagsapalaran.  Saan ka nila matatagpuan ang isang tahanan na kukupkop at tutupad sa kanilang mga pangarap?


Copyright © 2016

ISBN: 978-971-569-889-4

Size: 7 x 9 inches | 16 pages | Full color

BIYERNES ang Pinakapaborito Kong Araw!

Kuwento ni Genaro R. Gojo Cruz

Guhit ni Bernadette Solina-Wolf

May Family Day sa paaralan.
At sa gawaing ito, makikita ni Sun ang kaibahan ng kaniyang mga magulang sa magulang ng kaniyang mga kaklase. 

May pitong araw sa loob ng isang linggo. 

Pero bakit kaya Biyernes ang naging pinakapaboritong araw ni Sun?

Paano patutunayan sa araw na ito ng nanay at tatay ni Sun na siya ang pinakamagandang biyaya na kanilang natanggap buhat sa Maykapal?

Copyright © 2016

ISBN: 978-971-569-886-3

7 x 9 inches | 16 pages | Full color

Imbisibol na Ako

Kuwento ni Genaro R. Gojo Cruz
Guhit ni Aldy Aguirre

Isang umaga, naging imbisibol si Dindo.

Nakapasok na siya nang maaga sa paaralan nang di napapansin ng kaniyang Nanay. Nakasama na siya sa kanilang flag ceremony at buong-pusong naawit ang Lupang Hinirang. Nakapasok din siya sa klasrum nang di napapansin ng kaniyang guro. Masayang-masaya si Dindo!

Umupo si Dindo sa upuang nasa tabi ni Pol, ang kaniyang matalik na kaibigan. Pero ipinagtataka niya, malungkot at walang kibo si Pol. 

Ano nga kaya ang tunay na nangyari kay Dindo? Bakit siya naging imbisibol?

Paano nila maipagpapatuloy ang isang tunay na pagkakaibigan?


Copyright © 2016

ISBN: 978-971-569-887-0

7 x 9 inches | 32 pages | Full color

PANDAKA ang Pinakamaliit na Isda

Kuwento ni Genaro R. Gojo Cruz
Guhit ni Luis Chua

Inggit na inggit si Pandaka sa ibang mga isda dahil bukod sa pagkakaroon ng karaniwang kulay, siya rin ang pinakamaliit na isda sa buong katubigan. Sa kaliitan niya, walang silbi ang kahit na anong uri ng lambat dahil hinding-hindi nito kayang mahuli si Pandaka.

Sinubukang kumain nang marami ni Pandaka, ngunit nabubundat lamang ang kaniyang tiyan at di naman siya humahaba. Ngunit pagdating ng panahon, gagampanan pala ni Pandaka ang isang napakahalagang tungkulin para sa kanilang lahi.

Alamin ang kuwento ni Pandaka na dahil sa kaniyang kaliitan ay naging isang bayaning isda.


Copyright © 2016

ISBN: 978-971-569-887-0

7 x 9 inches | 32 pages | Full color

Yehey, May Pamilya na ring Mag-aaruga sa Akin!
Yehey, There's A Family that Will Take Care of Me!

Kuwento ni Genaro R. Gojo Cruz
Guhit ni Aaron Asis

Isang tuta si Mar na nakatira sa isang bahay ng mga tutang nasagip buhat sa kalye.

Pero liban kay Mar, ang lahat ng mga kasama niyang tuta ay kukupkupin na ng iba’t ibang pamilyang may gusto sa kanila.

“May magkakagusto pa kaya sa akin?” tanong ni Mar sa sarili.

Alamin sa kuwento kung sino ang masuwerteng pamilya na kukupkop kay Mar na nagtataglay din pala ng magagandang katangian.


Copyright © 2016

ISBN: 978-971-569-859-7

Size: 7 x 9 inches | 32 pages | Full color

Pipisin the Pangolin

Written and Illustrated by 

Rachel Louise Shaw

Pipisin is a young Philippine pangolin. He’s living on his own for the first time and is struggling to find his favorite food: ants. He’s scared of lots of things. When he hears strange noises or comes across animals, he rolls into a ball until he feels safe again. Then one day, he’s the only one who can help other animals that are trapped and he has to be brave.

All the animals Pipisin meets are found in the island of Palawan.

Copyright © 2015

ISBN:   971-569-823-8

Size:     8" x 10"

Mayumi the Forest Pig

by Rachel Louise Shaw

Illustrated by Ingrid Camille G. Tan

Mayumi is a Visayan Warty Pig. She is a curious young pig and likes to play and explore the forest that is her home. She doesn’t mind when she gets separated from her family until nightfall when the noises of the forest are scary and she realizes she does need her family after all.

Pigs like Mayumi live on the islands of Negros and Panay in the Philippines. All the animals she meets are found on the same islands. Most of them are found nowhere else.

ISBN:   971-569-823-8

Copyright ©

Danao the Parrot

By Rachel L. Shaw

Illustrated by Jonathan G. Rañola, III

Danao the Parrot — a story celebrating the unique wildlife of the Philippines.

A house in a city isn’t the place for a parrot to be. But where should a parrot live? Join a little parrot called Danao on his amazing journey across the Philippines in search of the perfect place to live. Along the way he meets a lot of other animals from tarsiers and cloud rats to Philippine eagles and crocodiles. Many of these animals, like Danao, are found only in the Philippines.

ISBN:   971-569-823-8

Copyright © 2015

Size:     10" x 8"

Tingnan Ninyo Itong Nakita Ko!/Look What I Found!

Written and Illustrated by 

Dabiz Molinero and Junko Matsuoka

Translated in Filipino by Randy Bustamante

A team of ambitious ants find an enormous candy and try to bring it back home. Their journey is filled with obstacles and hurdles but as ants are won't to do they never give up. With some ingenuity and creative thinking everything works out well in the end!

Books in dual language: English and Filipino

Copyright © 2015

ISBN:   971-569-823-8

Size:     8.27" x 11.70" (A4)

Here among the Mangroves

By Krissie Zamora-Martinez

Illustrated by Jakin Luis Martinez

From blue crabs busy during daytime to flying squirrels active at night, get to know the unique animals that call the Philippine mangrove swamps their home. 

Young readers will delight in the catchy counting rhyme, beautifully-detailed illustrations, and fun facts about each creature!

ISBN:   971-569-972-7

Copyright © 2015

Size:     10" x 8"

Cocina Sulipeña: Culinary Gems from Old Pampanga

Written by: Gene R. Gonzalez

Food Styling by: Henry Canoy and Gene Gonzalez

Production design: Sari Tapales

Book design: Joanne S. de Leon 

COCINA SULIPEñA is a cookbook that partakes of family history and social history. It presents hometown cooking from Sulipan in Pampanga, a town no longer on the maps, its memory hovering between Calumpit, Bulacan, and Apalit, Pampanga. Some dishes come from Kapampangan daily fare, like Suam a Tulya; others like Lengua Legislativa come from festive tables, especially those of the legendary Capitan Joaquin Arnedo Cruz, his wife Capitana Maria Sioco de Tanjutco/Arnedo, and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, of whom the author is one. The book is also social history, since the Introduction by Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, and the author’s comments on each section and recipe present the social, economic, and culinary contexts of Sulipan cuisine. Since the recipes have been kitchen-tested by profes-sionals, it is also, and primarily, a real working, workable cookbook.

Copyright © 2014

ISBN: 971-569-105-6

Size:   8.5 x 8.5

Color: Inside – sepia brown

Boy-Scribble and Scribble-Boy

written by Javier T. Delfin
illustrations by Julian T. Delfin

Two boys, one who makes scribbles and one who makes sketches, decide to follow a long trail of drawings, in the hope of learning how to draw well.

Copyright © 2014

ISBN 978-971-569-797-2

A Beginners Book to Activities of Daily Living

Words and Illustrations by
Martin N. Dimalanta

A Beginner’s Book to Activities of Daily Living is an introductory reference to the most common daily functions and self -care activities a person does in everyday living. This will serve as a checklist to encourage the child to accomplish the different ADLs. A checkbox is provided at the bottom of every page for the child to fill out upon completion of each activity. It is the role of the parent to read along with the child and facilitate the activity.

Copyright © 2014

ISBN 978-971-569-772-9

Size: 8" x 10"

Full color

Paper: Coated both Sides (C2S) – Glossy

Modern Tsinoy Plays: TIME WAITS and Other Plays

Debbie Ann L. Tan

Time Waits follows the heart of Ahlee who secretly loves a younger man, Carl. She has a twin Abeey, who in a freak day, one of them can stop time and the other is in real-time.

Time Waits won first place in the 57th Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature in 2007. Women of age are on centerstage with ripe emotions neither heroine nor villain. Time Waits plays on the themes of love and opportunity, of repressed feelings, and respectability.

Copyright © 2012

ISBN 978-971-569-756-9


Javier T. Delfin

Illustrated by Gabrielle "Gabi" Dimaranan

Here’s a story about a Journal which does not want to be written on only to realize it was missing a lot.

copyright © 2013

ISBN: 978-971-569-763-7

16 pages


The Day of Darkness

Juan Paolo "Gutch" Gutierrez and Zig Marasigan

Illustrated byGutch Gutierrez

A story of a boy named Marius, who made his townsfolk realize that they can fight evil and curse by being good and true.

Winner. Kid's Choice Award. 3rd National Children's Book Award 2014

Images in Stone

Larry Gotuaco

Larry’s current hobby is a romance with certain fossils, things that lived and died millions of years ago, whose colorful remains were preserved in stone. Petried wood, dinosaur bones and ammonite shells provide concrete and indisputable evidence of an abundance of life on earth that authors of the Bible knew absolutely nothing about. (more..)

SIZE: 8.5" X 11" soft bound 
ISBN  978-971-569-743-9
copyright © 2011

A Dictionary of Plant Names, Vols. 1 and 2

Dr. Domingo A. Madulid, Ph.D.

This is the most comprehensive dictionary on Philippine plant names with more than 43,300 vernacular names representing more than 97 languages and dialects in the country. It covers various groups of plants from algae, mosses, fungi, ferns and fernallies, and the flowering plants. It is intended as a general reference and guide for easy identification or naming of native and introduced plants in the Philippines, which is one of the most diverse and richest in the world.

Vol 1, Local Name-Scientific Name, A-K

Vol 2, Local Name-Scientific Name, L-Z


971-569-262-1 Vol. 1 

971-569-264-8 Vol. 2

A LIFE SHAPED BY MUSIC: Andrea Ofilada Veneracion and the Philippine Madrigal Singers

Marjorie Evasco

A Life Shaped by Music is a story of National Artist for Music Andrea O. Veneracion and her lifework as founder and choirmaster of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. Poet Marjorie Evasco weaves the multi-colored strands of more than 37 years of the story, clarifying for those who admire Prof. Veneracion and the Philippine Madrigal Singers the intrinsic spirit, the magical rapport, the discipline, and the passion that animate every performance of the choir.

A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Philippine Ornamental Plants, Second Edition

Domigo Madulid

People from various walks of life have long wanted an easy-to-read, comprehensive reference that will lead them to the identification and description of the numerous beautiful ornamental plants of the Philippines and to other pertinent information. This book provides an answer to this long-felt need and presents in a systematic and pictorial form more than 1,000 species and varieties of native and introduced ornamental plants in the country.

Copyright © 1995
ISBN 971-569-367-9

Ang Diwa ng mga Salawikain

Lope K. Santos

In the Philippine lore, the wisdom of the ages was passed on from one generation to another in the form of short passages known as "salawikain". Santos' book collates a priceless selected of such passages and delves into their individual intricacies through the use of classic literary technique.

Ang Salot, Ang Lumba-lumba, at Ang Hiwaga sa Laot

E. B. Maranan
guhit ni Girlie Aragon

Ang Salot, Ang Lumb-lumba, at Ang Hiwaga sa Laot ay pinaigsing hango ng may akda mula sa kanyang kuwentong may pamagat na si Sabel, si Sabiong Lumba-lumba, at ang Hiwaga sa Laot na nagwagi ng 1991 PBBY-Alfrredo Navarro Salanga Writer's Price.

Ang kuwentong ito ay matagal nang nangyari sa isang napakalayong pook. Walang nakaaalam kung naroon pa ito.

Ngunit ilang mapalad ang nagsasabing nakita nila minsan, sa sinag ng buwan at bituin o sa liwanag ng araw at langit na bughaw, ang isang matikas na lumba-lumbang dumadamba sa ibabaw ng alon, sunong sa makintab at makinis na likod ang isang batang ubod ng rilag at tigib ng kawalang-malay, kapuwa nagniningning sa kalayaan ng karagatang walang hanggan.

Copyright © 2002
ISBN 971-569-406-3

Ang Batang Nananaginip na Siya'y Nakalilipad

E.B. Maranan
larawang guhit ni Girlie Aragon

Ang kuwento ni Selina ay tungkol sa isang batang hindi lamang nanaginip na siya'y nakalilipad tulad ng kanyang mga kaibigang ibon, paruparo, at tutubi. Nangarap din siya ng isang maganda, masaya, at mapayapang daigdig para sa lahat. Ang akdang ito ay nagwagi ng ikalawang gantimpala sa KUwentong Pambata ng Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, taong 2005

Copyright © 2007
ISBN 978-971-569-592-3

Ang Awit ni Pulaw

E.B. Maranan

guhit ni Sandra Torrijos

Ang kuwentong ito ay isang makabagong interpretesyon sa salaysay ng Paglikha sa Daigdig. Inihabi rito ng may-akda ang tema ng pangangalaga sa Kalikasan. Ang kuwentong ito ay nagwagi ng dakilang gantimpala sa PBBY-Salanga Writer's Prize noong 1989. (Nagwagi rin ang may-akda noong 1990 at 1991.) Ang PBBY o Philippine Board of Books for Young People ay nagpapalaganap ng pagsusulat, pagguhit, at pagbabasa ng mga aklat-pambata sa Pilipinas. Ang unang edisyon ng kuwento ni Pulaw ay nailimbag noong 1992 sa tulong ng UNICEF.

Copyright © 2007
ISBN 978-971-569-593-0