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BAMBOO WHISPERS, Poetry of the Mangyan (hardcover)


BAMBOO WHISPERS, Poetry of the Mangyan features the best 100 Mangyan poetry in two scripts and four languages, with translations by poets in Filipino, English, and Spanish. These are accompanied by archival and recent photographs.

The Hanunuo Mangyans of Mindoro have gifted Filipinos with their ambahan, inscribed on bamboos in their pre-Spanish syllabic script, and chanted over the centuries. Their reflections on life from birth to death resonate with all humanity, even today.

Because of their communal authorship, no individual can claim ownership to any of the ambahan. Present for the book signing will be the Hanunuo Mangyan who hand wrote their script for Bamboo Whispers, the poet-translators, and the Editorial Team.


Antoon Postma (†;), Sylvia Mayuga, Marne Kilates, Quintin Pastrana

Resti Reyes Pitogo, Danton Remoto, Soledad Laviña

Editorial Team:

Lolita Delgado Fansler

Quintin V. Pastrana, Raena E. Abella, and Emily L. Catapang

Copyright © 2017

ISBN: 978-971-569-926-6

Size: 11 x 9 inches | Black & White | 232 pages | Hardcover

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