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MANGROVE WARRIOR: A Story about Jurgenne Primavera


Story by Didith T. Rodrigo

Illistrations by Tris Lintag

Jurgenne H. Primavera is Chief Mangrove Scientific Advisor of the Zoological Society of London, co-Chair of the Mangrove Specialist Group of the IUCN SSC, and Scientist Emerita of the Aquaculture Department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) in Iloilo, Philippines. She received her BS in Zoology cum laude in 1966 from the University of the Philippines, Diliman and her MA in Zoology in 1969 from Indiana University, USA. She returned to UP Diliman for her PhD in Marine Science in 1996. Early in her career, Dr. Primavera taught at the Mindanao State University, Marawi. It was an idyllic campus, located close to picturesque Lanao Lake. However, the local unrest of the 1970s forced her and her family to flee to Panay Island. She found employment at and worked for the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department for 37 years. It was during these years that she became increasingly aware of the importance of mangrove forests as nursery areas for fish and other marine creatures, and as coastal protection from typhoons and storm surges. She argued for their protection, even if doing so meant conflict with local authorities, the aquaculture industry, and her own colleagues. For her efforts, she received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Science of Stockholm University in Sweden in 2004. She received a Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation in 2005 and 2008 was named one of Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment.

Copyright © 2017

ISBN: 978-971-569-894-8

8 x 10 inches | 20 pages | full-color | C2S paper |

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