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Si Sibol at si Gunaw


Written by E.B. Maranan

Illustrated by Ronaele B. Maranan

Grand Price Winner, 1990 PBBY-Salanga Writer’s Price

Goddess Luningning falls in love with the mortal Kapuy and they are married. Luningning gives birth to the twins Sibol (Bloom) and Gunaw (Doom) who fight over the fate of Bundok Pangarap. An epic battle ensues, until Luningning intervenes to save the world from destruction.

The story’s theme, particularly relevant in the aftermath of Ondoy and other devastating typhoons like Pepeng and Quedan that hit the country, “Si Sibol at Si Gunaw” is influenced by the growing environmental awareness in our society, particularly our concern over the degradation of our forests.

Copyright © 2009

ISBN: 971-569-684-5

Softcover | Size: 8” x 10” | 16 pages | Full color

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