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When a vain prince lands his family into trouble with deities, it is up to his sensible eldest daughter Nada to soften the blow of the curse for her younger sisters. Nada doesn't mind too much—until it turns out that the curse makes it so that whoever she marries expires shortly after the wedding. With a growing trail of dead husbands behind her, she accepts the chance to break the curse entirely from a deity who probably shouldn't be trusted and finds herself sent to faraway land to marry its wicked Emperor. Nada has every intention of breaking the curse, but if the Emperor doesn't stop annoying her, he just may become dead-husband-number-eight...


Karine Alexana Montinola

K.A. Montinola was born in Manila in 1990, to a family that encouraged her to read. Among her favourite childhood books were collections of myths, legends, and fairy-tales. She was also a ‘90s child who watched a lot of cartoons and looked for comic books. She does not remember a time when she did not like to write stories, though it was a long time before she could share them with any confidence. She took her B.A. in English literature at Providence College in Rhode Island. She currently works as a writer in between part-time jobs and maintains a steady book-reading diet. This is her first novel.