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of children’s books features stories from the careers of some of the Philippines’ most respected female scientists. It is hoped that these stories find their way into the hearts and minds of our young...

May tatlong baboy na bibida sa kuwentong ito:

Si Butsok na kay laki-laki ng tenga.

Si Butsikik na kulay rosas ang nguso.

At si Butsoy na may tono kapag ...

Florante at Laura

Vicissitudes in the Life of Florante at Laura in the Kingdom of Albania. 

” Adopted from some “historic pictures” or paintings that tell of what happened in early times in the Greek Empire, ...

“What is Diwa to do with no seagrass to chew?”

Diwa is a dugong. She lives in the shallow seas of the Philippine islands, feasting on seagrass: the only food... 

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