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Bamboo Whispers

BAMBOO WHISPERS, Poetry of the Mangyan features the best 100 Mangyan poetry in two scripts and four languages, with translations by poets in Filipino, English, and Spanish...

Good Manners, Pinoy Style

Lola Z’s book is very timely in this day and age to help, not only our youth but also people of all ages, build strong human relationships to keep our country’s vision alive. This book ... 

Women of Science series

of children’s books features stories from the careers of some of the Philippines’ most respected female scientists. It is hoped that these stories find their way into the hearts and minds of our young...

A Curse for an Emperor

When a vain prince lands his family into trouble with deities, it is up to his sensible eldest daughter Nada to soften the blow of the curse for her younger sisters. Nada doesn't mind too much—

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